Midora Now On Track For Early Access Release This May


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Recently, the developers of indie adventure title Midora regretfully informed their Kickstarter backers that the game had been put on hiatus. Then, they said it wasn’t. Now, the game’s director, Mhyre, has provided a more detailed explanation of just what state Midora is currently in, and what future plans for it are.


Mhyre states that he believes his ambitions for Midora’s Early Access release were unrealistic, and that there was no way the team would have been able to release one complete dungeon to Early Access buyers, because it would have meant completing programming on the entire game first. He writes:


I wanted to introduce every single player to the story and I wanted it to be good, too good. My ambitions were way too high, and I know why we failed or, more accurately, didn’t succeed. In order to complete that dungeon, the entire game has to be done. I am not talking about all the graphics or all the music, but actual programming of the game. And that is exactly why we failed, because not being able to complete such task makes more than enough sense when you know that one man is in charge of all of it, as I’ve explained in a previous update.


In a follow-up post, Mhyre writes that a new Early Access release is now being planned and that there’s a strong possibility that one will see Midora on Early Access by May. The PC version will be released first, followed by Mac and Linux releases at a later date.

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