Mighty No. 9 protagonist Beck has undergone a change in his colour scheme, Comcept and Inti Creates said in a new development update on the game. The reason, according to director Koji Imaeda, is that white represents a spectrum of possibilities.


“From the very beginning we designed Beck to have a neutral, grey base, with the idea of wanting to make something completely new and unique,” Imaeda said. “But development soldiered on, and as we approached the last leg, we started looking closer at Beck.”


“As a protagonist that could absorb the abilities of his siblings and take on various forms, our image of his appropriate color shifted from “neutrality” to “containing all possibilities”… and since white is a combination of all colors of light, we felt that would actually suit his character better! Hence, we went with the coloring change.”


Mighty No. 9 is planned for release sometime in Spring 2015.


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