Miitopia, The Tomodachi Life-Style 3DS RPG, Actually Has A Lot More To It Than Expected

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Nintendo showcased new trailers for their upcoming 3DS title, Miitopia, a game that is similar to Tomodachi Life with interactive Miis and their relationships, but done in an RPG style.


The first one is an introduction to Miitopia, and how many Miis lived in a peaceful world called Miitopia, but not until the Demon Lord invades and begins stealing faces of all the Mii characters.


We get a look at how you’ll decide all the roles of the main characters, including the heroes and Demon Lord, by selecting your own personal Mii characters. Those who don’t have too many Mii designs can look through player-made ones to make it easier.


Just like any other RPG, the game offers plenty of job classes, with the starting ones of Warrior, Mage, Priest, Thief, Idol, and Chef. There are various abilities that these jobs can use in combat, and you’ll gain new jobs as you advance, such as Tank, Cat, Scientist, and Flower. You can level up your jobs through battle.


There are also seven personalities to choose for your Mii heroes, with each one having their own unique characteristics. For example, one with a “Kind” personality might protect allies with a cover but their downside is that they might also show some kindness to enemies by not finishing them off.


You’ll get to take care of your Mii at the inns. Here, you’ll get to check them out to see how they’re doing, or even place them together in the same rooms to increase their “like” parameters. When they get closer, you’ll even see them gift each other things. There are over 250 types of monsters and 150 types of meals that you can cook to increase stats. The Miis have their preferred foods, so you’ll need to find out which ones they like best.


You can also give them money to go out and purchase items they like. There are over 700 types of equipment that they’ll go out to purchase on their own, and you can also use a glamour feature to keep the looks of certain gear you like while equipping another one with better stats.


As you advance through the game, so will the relationship between your heroes. Having them be closer to one another will have them do things such as cooperative moves or cover each other; however, keep in mind that sometimes they won’t get along, and they’ll actually make things more difficult in battle. That said, good parties will have solid relationships between its members.


The above video shows off its Amiibo compatibility. Using Amiibo figures, you can get costumes for your Mii heroes in Miitopia.


Miitopia releases in Japan on December 8, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS. The game has yet to be announced for the West.

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