A Dingo. Not that dingo (although, Australia will have you know it’s a pretty important animal). We’re talking about the developer Dingo. Unless you’ve been diligently connecting the dots, you might be surprised to know these are the guys who are doing two music games that Vita owners are anticipating.


They’re behind Persona 4: Dancing All Night, parts of the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva series as well as upcoming Love Live! School Idol Paradise Vol 1. Printemps. That makes them almost kings of rhythm games for Sony’s handhelds right now. And if we found Project Diva to be all right, that should let us breathe a little easier on Dancing All Night and Love Live!


That said, we still have very few details on Printemps. While we know you’ll be helping to organize the idol band μ, teaser screenshots from Dengeki do suggest that there’s going to be a pretty deep integration between the game’s rhythm modes and what you do beforehand.


The Days Setlist picture, for example, shows two of the girls suggesting which songs they should open a concert with, such as “From This Day Forth’s Someday” or “No Brand Girls”. Whether you choose to take them up on it could possibly affect the idols. You don’t want to see an upset super-deformed face cute girl cry do you? I sure don’t, but which will you choose?


Love Live! School Idol Paradise Vol. 1 Printemps is scheduled for a May 29 2014 release on the Vita.


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