Million Arthur: Arcana Blood Stealth-Released On Steam, But One Support Character Got The Shaft

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Square Enix stealth-released their 2D fighter based on the Million Arthur series called Million Arthur: Arcana Blood on Steam. The game features guests including Iori from The King of Fighters XIV, Otherworldly Riesz from Trials of Mana, and more.


This smash-hit game series is set in the world of “Britain,” home to a million King Arthurs and a million Excaliburs. The Arthurs each strive to become the one true king, wielding the power of the knights and the faeries of antiquity. They fight to unite a Britain where civil wars are a common occurrence and to protect from outside threats.

Million Arthur: Arcana Blood features a variety of guest fighters including ‘Otherworldly Riesz’ from Trials of Mana, ‘Otherworldly Koume Sakiyama’ from Lord of Vermilion IV, and ‘Otherworldly Iori Yagami’ from The King of Fighters XIV, as well as the popular characters from the Million Arthur franchise.

Control any one of 13 playable characters, plus a team of three support characters chosen from a selection of 31, enabling you to craft your own unique battle style!


Key Features

  • Includes all the game modes you would expect from a AAA fighting game: Original Story Mode, Training Mode and Online Versus Mode.
  • Enjoy online competitions the way you like them! Lobby matches support up to 6 players at a time and ranked matches ensure you’re taking on opponents of a comparable skill level.
  • Featuring an amazing story overseen by Kazuma Kamachi, with an opening theme song sung by KOTOKO and game music produced by renowned composer, Yoko Shimomura.



There’s also  Limited Edition bonus content until August 20, 2019. Those who purchase by then will get two wallpapers and a music sampler featuring 5 tracks produced by Yoko Shimomura.


As for what was changed in the PC release of Million Arthur: Arcana Blood, the original game that released for arcades and PS4 in Japan featured a move from support character Elle who would dash out to grab the opposing character’s crotch. Against female characters she says something along the lines of “That’s what you get!” while against male characters she says “Nice chinchin!” (Nice penis!).


The “Nice chinchin!” part originated from the Jaku-San-Sei Million Arthur comic, when Elle asked the new Arthur about his gender. Since then it’s been a pretty well-known meme among fans of the series, and it certainly stood out when they added it as her support character move in Million Arthur: Arcana Blood.



However, while the PlayStation 4 and arcade version still remains unchanged in Japan, the PC version changed it so that Elle punches the opponent’s upper body and says the “That’s what you get!” line against both male and female characters. You can check out a clip here.


Million Arthur: Arcana Blood is now available worldwide on PC via Steam. The game is available in Japan for PlayStation 4 and arcades as well.

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