Million Arthur: Arcana Blood’s Launch Trailer Teases Some Of Its Fighting Game Action



We previously learned that the Million Arthur series is getting a new 2D fighting game for arcade called Million Arthur: Arcana Blood. Here’s a peek at some gameplay from a new trailer by Square Enix.


The story of Million Arthur: Arcana Blood is about a young man who was supposed to arrive as a foreign exchange student, but somehow gets sucked into a space-time distortion that takes him back in the past in Britain.


He encounters a fairy that leads him to the Excalibur, which he manages to pull out, and becomes the next Arthur. However, things get a little complicated after some folks take notice of his history book and mistake him for a scholar from the future… which then gets him mixed into a tournament that he must participate in in order to acquire “sacred blood” to “return to his world.”


We’ll have more information on the upcoming fighter when it becomes available.


Million Arthur: Arcana Blood is expected to launch in 2017 for arcade in Japan.

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