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Mind Your Step In Exstetra’s Akihabara Dungeon



After being delayed from its original launch date, FuRyu has unveiled a look at Exstetra’s Akihabara, which like Shinjuku and Asakusa has also fused itself with parallel world Amasia.


Exstetra’s premise revolves around Tokyo having fused itself with alternate world Amasia.


As amnesiac student Ryoma, you discover that a kiss from you transforms others into Prisma Knights, and this affects both men as well as woman. Teaming up alongside Ryoma will be characters such as sword-wielding Jin or archer-class Mizuki. Ryoma’s powers mark him as the Prisma, the messiah destined to save Amasia from its destruction and return worlds to normality.


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The area around Tokyo’s Akihabara has now fallen as silent as the grave, as if something awaits the unwary. Lush tropical greens adorn the buildings and bridges that once sheltered thousands of people drawn to the area. Delving into Akihabara’s dungeon, it spreads off as far as the eye can see, bleak darkness with shafts of light punctuating its metallic corridors and walkways. Impossible drops and far off pillars make travel difficult.


Additionally, in between exploring Tokyo, Ryoma and friends will retire to Seiba village. Depending on how the various heroines are feeling, special side interaction events between Ryoma and the girls could be unlocked.

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Exstetra will launch on the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita November 7 in Japan.