PlayStation Vita

Mind≒0 Gameplay Video Shows ZeroDiv’s MIND Control RPG In Action


4Gamer has shared a 12-minute gameplay video of Acquire and ZeroDiv’s latest Vita RPG. Kicking off the video is the opening movie with the song “Bousou Machine, Mind≒0 Ver.,” performed by yucat.



The story of Mind≒0 is centered around a group of teenagers who can summon familiars called MINDs. Using these familiars, they investigate a deranged spirit world. In the parallel world, you will come across monsters. MINDs are powerful and can defend your characters against these monsters, but if they take too much damage, they will break and leave you paralyzed.


You can fight without your MINDs, too, but your attacks are much weaker and you risk taking damage directly. For more details, check our previous article.


When you’re back in the real world, you can boost your skills at an antique shop called Moment. Apart from that, this video also gives you a preview of two boss monsters and several ominous mystery characters.


Mind≒0 will be released for the PlayStation Vita on August 1.