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MIND≒0’s Latest Trailer Shows Sporty Heroine Sana Chikage In Action


Acquire’s dark stylish dungeon crawler, MIND≒0, will be coming out early next month for the PlayStation Vita, and they’ve started a series of countdown videos which will be revealing different parts of the game for the next five weeks. 4Gamer reports a new MIND user in addition to the first part of the video series about the sporty Sana Chikage.


At the start of the video, Sana is shown describing herself as someone who hates to lose. She also describes the way she interacts with her MIND as something only she can hear, as if it’s some sort of communication between their hearts. We also get a good look at Sana’s MIND in action, along with her use of tonfa as weapons.


Reika Kisaki

Age: 26


Reika is a beauty who behaves in an easy-going manner as a way to hide her sorrowful side, which seems to be one of her biggest secrets. Her MIND has a tough body and a giant axe to go with it, but it also appears to be restrained. It possesses great power, but it is said that most of it is restrained, and it only obeys orders from Reika.


Note: on the MIND≒0 official character profile page, Reika is listed under “Important Person,” meaning she will not likely be a playable character.


MIND≒0 is slated for release on August 1st for PlayStation Vita.

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