Mindjack, the other body snatching third person shooter from Square Enix, will be the publisher’s first console game of 2011. After a delay from October to sometime next year, Square Enix set January 27, 2011 as Mindjack’s release date in Japan.


While we don’t have a specific date, Square Enix has Mindjack on their Q1 2011 release calendar for North America.


The 3rd Birthday has a similar system where players swap bodies with computer controlled characters, but this game is different because (1) it has online play, (2) online play has a passive mode where other players can jump into your game as enemies, and (3) you can finally see who will win in a shootout – a flight attendant or a mind controlled gorilla.


MindJack_Campus_B2 MindJack_BioWeapon_Lab_1

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