Minecraft Studio’s Tactical Card Battler Scrolls Is Out Now

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Mojang’s next game after the phenomenally successful Minecraft is called Scrolls, and it’s just moved out of beta on Windows and Mac, meaning it has been officially released. It’s also available on Android tablets, and will be made available for iOS tablets in January.


Scrolls is very different to Minecraft so you’ll want to get any expectations related to that out of your head immediately. It is, in fact, a combination of elements from collectable card games and tactical war games.


Each match is played on a hex-based grid split into two, a half for each player. They both have six idols with 10 health each, and destroying three of an opponent’s idols means you win the match.



You’re armed with resources and “scrolls,” which are essentially cards (they come in Creature, Structure, Spell, and Enchantment types), and every turn you get to sacrifice one scroll, as well as choose whether you want more resources or to get more scrolls from your deck.


Resources are used to play scrolls, and the more you have the more power you possess. But the resources are useless if you don’t have anything to play, so a bit of balancing is needed to come out on top, as well as tactical play out on the field.


Scrolls has single player matches against AI as well as multiplayer Challenge and Ranked matches for you to compete in against friends and strangers.


Find out more about Scrolls on its official website.

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