Mint Fantome Is an Independent VTuber and Not With VShojo
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Mint Fantome Is an Independent VTuber and Not With VShojo

Now that VShojo Vtuber Matara Kan is now doing a temporary summer podcast with Mint Fantome, the question came up as to whether or not Mint is affiliated with the company as well. During a preliminary stream discussing their new project, the two addressed the situation and noted that she is independent and not a part of VShojo at this time. 

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Here is the full statement from the initial stream between Matara Kan and Mint Fantome. First, Matara brought it up at the 40:08 mark and said, “I did see this question a lot. I am going to address it. Is Mint VShojo? No. She is not.” 

Mint Fantome then brought up how she is going to talk about her appearing with Matara and VShojo on April 4, 2024. She elaborated on it at the 40:26 mark and noted, “Basically, this is just us kind of having fun together. VShojo will be helping with some of the stuff, because Matara is [with] VShojo. But I’m just gonna be my little Minty self. I’m just me.” 

Matara Kan then offered an example of a situation in which VShojo might help Mint Fantome. At the 40:44 mark, Matara stated: 

“So again, without spoiling too much, but for example, I am going to be attending [a] convention. So I asked them, ‘Hey, can we maybe like also get her in?’ And obviously I’m going to split stuff with her and things like that. She is on her own and the reason that VShojo is helping is because I’m a part of it. I also told all the girls in VShojo that for the next little bit I will be kind of prioritizing you and the podcast over them a bit. I’m sorry girls! They already know! They already know!”  

Here was that initial discussion between the two Vtubers:

Mint Fantome’s announcement about her April 4, 2024 stream can be seen below:

The next Mint & Matara’s Summer Special podcast episode will appear at 12pm PT/3pm ET/7pm UTC on April 8, 2024. 

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