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Mist of Chaos Promotional Video


One doesn’t need to look far for some good ol’ SRPG love. Idea Factory is very well known for dishing out these sorts of games, more notably the Generation of Chaos series and Spectral Force and Spectral Souls series. Now comes Mist of Chaos, an SRPG that seems to be worth owning on the Playstation 3. At least in Japan. Take a look at the promotional video and see for yourself just how epic both the music, voice overs, and dialogue appear to be; oh, and don’t forget to take notice of how many enemies are appearing on the field.

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Mist of Chaos is set for a 3/22/07 release in Japan. Once again for PS3 owners looking to import this game and other games that more than likely won’t make it to Western shores, thank the lord for almost all PS3 games thus far being region free.

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