Mistwalker CEO Hironobu Sakaguchi Has A New Title To Announce In 2017



Hironobu Sakaguchi is best known as the “father of Final Fantasy,” but he has brought several titles such as Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Terra Battle, and more since founding Mistwalker after his time with Square.


Sakaguchi didn’t have much to say during his year-end talk session with 4Gamer, but he did say “I plan to announce a new title in 2017. Stay tuned!”


While there’s a chance that it’ll be something that has yet to be talked about, the new title could be the untitled game that is currently in development between Mistwalker and Bravely series makers

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Silicon Studio that was announced earlier this year.


More recently, Sakaguchi teased that he’s planning on opening a new “development-type” company, and joked about considering its name as “Dawnwalker.”

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