Mistwalker’s Terra Battle Is Out Now; Get Kuscah As A Healer Until November 3rd



Mistwalker’s free-to-play strategy RPG Terra Battle is now available to download for iOS and Android.


If you download the game before November 3rd, Kuscah will join your party as a healer when you begin the game. This will not happen if you download the game after that date.


Terra Battle strips tactical turn-based battles down to challenging tile-based skirmishes on 2D grids – it’s actually based on shogi, also known as Japanese chess.



You move your team of knights, spearmen, and archers individually, but to take out your opponents you’ll need to have them work together. The reason being that the only way to attack your opponents is to flank them or by performing a pincer attack with two or more fighters.


As a clock starts ticking down every time you start moving one of your fighters, the game forces you to think quick and to plan ahead as best you can; it gets quite intense. As you progress through the game, you’re able to level up and customize the abilities of your team.


Terra Battle is free to download on the App Store and Google Play right now. The in-app purchases offer Energy, which corresponds to the stamina mechanic that limits the number of battles you can engage in quick succession. Energy does regenerate over time, so if you’re patient you shouldn’t need to spend out.

Chris Priestman