Mizari Loves Company Can Be A Visual Novel Or RPG, Depending On What The Player Wants


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Mizari Loves Company can be an otome visual novel or an RPG with a deep story, depending on what the player wants from it, as they deal with Mizari’s sudden change of lifestyle after starting to live in the Demon King’s castle.


Mizari, a cleric, originally started out forming a mercenary band with childhood friend Nerui and a tough warrior named Merrick, but before long, she finds herself living amongst the demons she’d originally set out to defeat with her friends. Now, she finds herself faced with living amongst the enemy and developing an affection for the Demon King (or any of three possible romance options), having to deal with this new life and the mayhem that comes with it.

Mizari Loves Company has been imagined with RPG elements like inventory, combat, and quests in mind, but a player who simply wishes to experience the romantic story can turn those options off and simply play through a visual novel. In this way, players can choose to see a bit more action as they strive to unlock one of the game’s tend endings, or they can skip straight to the story that leads to many intimate CG scenes.


Mizari Loves Company’s developers are currently raising funds on Kickstarter, with a playable demo available through

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