Remember how we said Q Entertainment was doing something with PlayStation Home? They ended up making PlayStation Home avatar outfits.


Japan’s PlayStation Home marketplace is stocked with Angel Love Online and Lumines Supernova shirts and caps. Some of the items are free, but most of them go for 100 yen ($1) each. Here’s a quick run down of the goods:


Angel Love Online

Free t-shirts x 2
Original caps x 2 (100 yen)
Original t-shirts x 6 (100 yen)


Lumines Supernova

Free t-shirts x 2
Original caps x 4 (100 yen)
Original t-shirts x 11 (100 yen)


Nippon Ichi has new furniture too. You can buy a Prinny desk and a Prinny chair for 200 yen ($2) a piece.



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