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Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 PC Release Announced

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2

Bandai Namco announced that Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 will release for PC. However, a specific date of release has yet to be revealed. That said, Bandai Namco will be hosting two network tests for the title. Additionally, several details about the game have been revealed through its Steam page, specifically concerning cross-play and potential cross-saves. The page also states that updates to the PC version of the game will arrive later than updates for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions.

Concerning cross-play and cross-saves, these features will not be available for the PC version. Additionally, events and clan matches will be different between the console and PC versions. However, Bandai Namco has not detailed how these versions will differ.

Concerning the Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 network test, it will be held in two sessions. You can check out the schedule for the network test sessions below.

Session 1

April 14-April 16, 2022

  • 5pm-8pm PDT/8pm-11pm EDT/(Next Day)2am-5am CEST
  • 10pm-1am PDT/1am-3am EDT/(Next Day)7am-10am CEST

Session 2

April 21-April 24, 2022

  • 6pm-1am PDT/9pm-4am EDT/(Next Day)3am-10am CEST

Unlike the first session, the second session will not be split into parts. This means that players will be able to access the network test from April 21, 2022 at the designated time until April 24, 2022.

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 is available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and will release for PC sometime in the future.

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