Mobius Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack 3 Released, Coinciding With Global Shutdown

mobius final fantasy original soundtrack 3

Mobius Final Fantasy is dead. Long live Mobius Final Fantasy (‘s Original Soundtrack). June 30, 2020 was the official shutdown date for the global version of Mobius Final Fantasy. The switch was flipped earlier this afternoon, and you can see the memories, regrets, memes, and sads over on the Mobius Final Fantasy subreddit. Weirdly enough, today is also the day Square Enix released the Mobius Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack 3 album. This is a worldwide release, meaning you can go ahead and snag the album from platforms like iTunes or Amazon for $19.99 and $17.99, respectively.

The timing seems cruel, but it’s worth noting the Japanese version shut down back in March 2020. So the wound isn’t quite as fresh there. It’s also notable that so far Mobius Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack 3 is a digital-only release, while the first two Original Soundtrack releases were physical-only. Naturally, those are both out of stock everywhere and going for ludicrous prices on auction sites.

Mobius Final Fantasy had a pretty solid run, debuting on mobile platforms in 2015 and reaching well over 20 million downloads around the world. It was even released on Steam in 2017 with high resolution and widescreen support. Five years of fun and memories isn’t easy to let go of, but hopefully the fans find comfort in this music release.

Lucas White
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