Mobius Final Fantasy Shows The Dark Knight, Warrior, Hunter, And Other Jobs


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Mevius Fi— er, Mobius Final Fantasy, Square Enix’s upcoming major smartphone title that features jobs and Summoned Beasts from the series, has a new trailer that reveals Garland as a new character and a couple new jobs.


The video starts out with scene showing Garland in armor, and another new character named Eco who appears to be a fairy-type character. Next, the video demonstrates a battle at the 0:50 mark, where Eco appears to heal Wol.


Next, at 1:15, we see some of jobs, with the Ranger, White Mage, and Thief. They also show and list some new jobs with the Dark Knight, Hunter, Knight, and Warrior.


Mobius Final Fantasy will release in Japan in Spring 2015 for Android and iPhone. You can check out our earlier report for more details on how the game plays.

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