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Mochi A Girl Is A High-Speed Wire Action Game Coming To Switch This December


Last week, developer mumimumi revealed that the wire action game Mochi A Girl will be headed to Nintendo Switch in December this year.

In this particular one-man developed title, the A button is the key to everything – jumping, stretching your mochi outward to latch onto objects, dashing, and swinging. Players rush through a variety of stages, each featuring gimmicks that affect movement, or sometimes even enemies. It’s like the Sonic to Umihara Kawase‘s Mario, with this game focusing on mastering the simple mechanics in order to maintain the speedy action.

Since Mochi A Girl (previously named Motch a Girl) was revealed, the game has won a Gold Award in the Japan Game Awards 2018 in the U18 division, the winner of the Unity Inter-high 2018 contest, and more. Needless to say, it’s looking like a game to look out for.

The game’s soundtrack has been revealed on Soundcloud, and you can take a listen below:

Mochi A Girl releases on Nintendo Switch in December 2019.

Alistair Wong
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