Moero Chronicle H Has Lots Of Characters Who Can Be Strong Party Members

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While Moero Chronicle H is a first-person, dungeon-crawling, turn-based RPG along the lines of Class of Heroes and Wizardry, it is more like Dungeon Travelers 2 when it comes to characters. You don’t make original avatars to fill your party. Instead, you purify and recruit Monster Girls you find around the world. There are lots available, with each new area having between five and ten new heroines to recruit. On top of that, each one has different costumes that can be found and equipped to change their appearance and role in the party. Fortunately, it isn’t a game where just one or two characters are the “best.” Lots of party members are good at filling certain roles.


For example, there are certain characters who are considered main characters in Moero Chronicle H. Lilia is Io’s childhood friend and the first Monster Girl to join the party. Leche is another primary character who joins quickly and is considered important, with region leaders like Latte, Calypso, and Typica also playing major parts. Each one can play a major role. Lilia’s default outfit can make her feel like a typical JRPG hero, with abilities that draw attacks like Provoke, attack skills like Not a Chance, and even a basic Heal spell. Her Angel’s Wings makes her a healer, while her Dreaming Girl set turns her into more of an attacking tank that has a great No Chance at All attack skill that deals major damage, a Spirit Up buff to deal more damage, and a Protect skill to protect other party members. Latte can be a great mage early on, thanks to her base costume, as it gives her the aoe-attack Aqua Burst, Fire Burst, and Wind Burst spells and eventually auto-SP recovery.




As you keep going, you definitely find other Monster Girls who are better at filling certain roles. For example, one of the best early heroines you can recruit is Elf. (She’s found in the Sticky Greasy Lake dungeon.) She is good throughout the entire adventure. Her base costume is designed to make her a good physical and magical attacker, as she has the Not a Chance physical attack, Spirit Up buff, Bamboo and Pine Power abilities to boost attack, and Aqua and Wind Burst spells. The Beauty trait can increase her attack power by 10% if her health is below 80%, and if you chain Aura Attacks well, her Class Leader skill will increase attack by 50% if the combo is three or higher. However, if you get her Argyle Dream costume from a chest on the first floor of Sticky Greasy Lake, she can become one of the best AOE mages in the game. When it is equipped, she gets the four best AOE spells in the game, which are Aqua Storm, Earth Storm, Fire Storm, and Wind Storm. Plus, she has the Auto SP Recover ability that helps her recover MP so she can keep using those spells.


Another amazing Monster Girl who can be recruited fairly early in the adventure and used pretty much throughout the game is Mummy. She shows up almost immediately after reaching the third region’s dungeon, as she is roaming around on the first floor and you’ll probably encounter her once you head toward the stairs. She is a tank designed to draw and take damage with her default costume. Occasional Guard might have her just start defending, even if you already had her attack during a turn, to protect her from other attacks. Self Recover allows her to restore her own HP, so you don’t have to worry if your healer is knocked out. Provoke lets her draw attack. Also, in case she is the last one standing, she has the Resurrection and Complete Heal skills to restore others. Somehow, it fits that an undead character would be good at staying alive.




Moero Chronicle H also goes out of its way to provide people with good healers in every dungeon. Pretty much each one has a good supporter showing up. Everything kicks off with Orthrus, who shows up on the first floor of the first dungeon. Her base costume gives you the single-person Heal spell, the single-person Recover ability to remove status ailments, Party Heal to heal the group, and Resurrection to revive one person. But, if you want a great healer who can stick around for a long time, Banshee is a good heroine to keep in mind. She joins on the first floor of the second dungeon and has incredibly restorative abilities right away. She starts off with Heal and Recover. Not long after, you get Party Heal and a Sacrifice ability to help other party members recover. She also is the first character you get whose default class has the Full Resurrection spell, the best revival spell in the game. She’s someone you can really invest in and keep around.


There are a lot of helpful potential party members in Moero Chronicle H. Thanks to the costume system, every character can be viable. People can choose to include the characters who have designs they like the best. There are some who are really incredible right away or who easily get outfits that offer a bit more range though, and people should consider using. Like certain people are especially good at healing or acting as mages. It’s a good deal to look closely at skill sets, especially for characters like Banshee and Elf, to help pick out a good party of five for dungeon-crawling.


Moero Chronicle H is available for the Nintendo Switch. Moero Chronicle is available on the PC worldwide and on the Vita in Japan and Asia.

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