PlayStation Vita

Moero Crystal Makes It Easier To Bond With Monster Girls



Those of you who’ve played any of Compile Heart’s games from the Genkai Tokki series understand how important it is to bond with the monster girls in order to keep advancing. Moero Crystal’s latest gameplay footage video shows how it’ll be a little easier, this time around.


In Monster Monpiece, it was pretty rough on your hands to perform massages on so many under-leveled monster girls, that it could become tiresome after a while. The gameplay footage at 0:40 shows how you’ll now be able to bond with two girls at the same time.


The touch feature has also been made easier, so it wouldn’t feel as tedious, too. There are more “battle scratch” touchscreen features that will be revealed in the near future.


Moero Crystal will release in Japan on September 25, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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