Mojang Announces Cobalt Will Be Out For Xbox, PC On February 2nd

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Mojang has announced that Oxeye Game Studio’s 2D co-op action platformer Cobalt will be coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Steam for Windows on February 2nd. It’ll cost $19.99.


You can play as the titular character, Agent Cobalt, in a campaign that’s said to last around eight hours. It’s been developed along with the game’s features over the past six years so that it includes everything from “dancing mini-games, to tameable pets, to conversation trees that can lead to fulfilling relationships with mushroom people.” You can also upgrade your suit and weapons over the course of the campaign.

The main features of Cobalt, however, are its action and platforming. You can activate slo-mo to make dodging easier, roll around and deflect bullets as you do, punch, shoot guns, and dish out explosives to whoever gets in your way.

Other than the campaign, the game also has speed and combat challenges, both of which have online leaderboards for the competitive. A crucial part of performing well in the speed challenges is punching the ground during a roll to generate extra momentum. For the combat challenges you’ll want to build up combos with your weapons.

As to the multiplayer modes, you can play Survival mode in which you take on waves of enemies by yourself or in couch co-op. There are also six multiplayer modes that you can play locally online – that includes the usual deathmatch modes and Capture the Pug.

Finally, the Steam version of Cobalt will have Steam Workshop support meaning that you can create your own levels and easily share them with other players, as well as download theirs to play.

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