Monokuma Is Getting A New Voice Actor In Japan For The Danganronpa Series

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Spike Chunsoft recently announced that the Danganronpa series’ character Monokuma is going to have a new voice actor from Nobuyo Oyama to Tarako Isono.


Oyama, who is best known for playing the title character in the long-running anime, Doraemon, has worked on the Danganronpa series as Monokuma since Trigger Happy Havoc.It was revealed back in May 13, 2015 that Oyama was suffering from dementia, putting any future work on hold, including future Danganronpa voicing work in the anime Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak Academy  and the upcoming title New Danganronpa V3.


Taking over Oyama’s position is Tarako Isono, known for her work behind the voice of Maruko from Chibi Maruko-chan. You can hear a sample of Monokuma’s new voice in the video below:



A message from former-Monokuma voice cast Nobuyo Oyama:


Hello, everyone. This is Nobuyo Oyama.

Thank you all so much for always supporting Danganronpa.


I have voiced Monokuma up until now, but it has been decided that Tarako-san will take over from here on.


Tarako-san, I wish  you the best of luck. Monokuma is a very cute and good boy, so please take good care of him.


I thank you for your continued support of Danganronpa.


A message from general producer Yoshinori Terasawa:


Monokuma was loved and continued growing through Nobuyo Oyama for a long time up until now, but his voice cast will be changed to Tarako-san. There won’t be any changes to the character that is Monokuma. With respect to the longtime support from Nobuyo Oyama, we, the staff will keep that bond going and support Tarako-san with everything we have as she takes on the role of Monokuma. We thank Oyama-san from the bottom of our hearts for her continued support for Danganronpa, and will continue to push forward with the stouthearted feeling in encouragement. And to the fans of Danganronpa, we thank you for your continued patronage.

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