Monolith Soft Discuss Their Closer Relationship With Nintendo

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It’s been a little over a year since the developers of Xenoblade Chronicles, Monolith Soft, opened a new studio in Kyoto to be closer to parent company, Nintendo. In a recent internal interview, they talked about their experience thus far, and what they’ve learned about working together as a team.


We’ve previously reported that Monolith Soft were recruiting members to join their team, which is still going on. Director, Yasuyuki Honne, has made it his mission to massively increase the amount of personnel at Monolith Soft. The main talent they’re currently looking for are designers with skills in 3DCG, effects and motion.


Additionally, since working alongside Nintendo, Monolith Soft have realized just how important it is for a team to work closely together, they say.


Over the course of the year, the number of meetings between Nintendo and Monolith Soft has increased greatly. Nintendo have been actively consulting on their work and providing feedback with tweaks and ideas on how to make things better.


Monolith Soft say they’re amazed by Nintendo’s ability to work and think together as a team, and believe it’s a major asset to producing quality products. From a developer’s standpoint, seeing how Nintendo communicate and their companionship as the foundation of their hard work, has inspired Monolith Soft to do the same with their studio.


Designer, Shoko Fukuchi, mentions making people feel included by—for example—asking programmers, who aren’t often in talks with designers, for ideas.


Monolith say that the concerns some of the staff had about the idea of moving to Kyoto is now a thing of the past, as they’re quite cozy at their new studio. Having taken a page from Nintendo’s book, Monolith Soft have been livelier than ever. With a new outlook, they’ve been working closer together—not only as co-workers, but as a family with the common goal of developing great games.


Images courtesy Monolith Soft.


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