Monolith Soft Urgently Recruiting Staff With Action Game Experience



Last August, Monolith Soft revealed that they’re working on a new project that is different from their usual image, and things appear to be progressing but they’re now urgently recruiting developers with action game experience.


On the company’s official recruitment page, there’s a banner for the urgent recruitment for developers with action game experience and a message saying they’re actively recruiting. The page provides the following positions in need with an updated job list:


Technical Artists

  • Modeling TA
  • Animation TA
  • Effects TA



  • Character Control Programmer (Action Part)
  • Tools/Environmental Programmer
  • System/Framerwork Prorammer



  • Planner (Action Part)
  • Map Planner (Level Designer)
  • Event Planner



  • Main Character Designer
  • Concept Art Designer
  • Character Modeler
  • Map Modeler
  • In-Game Animator
  • Event Production Staff



  • Project Manager




No further information is known about the project, but Monolith Soft previously called it an “ambitious project that is different from Monolith Soft’s brand image’ and that they were looking to add new staff to take on the challenge of delivering the product on a worldwide scale.

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