Mononoke Movie Premiere Set for 2023

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A movie for Mononoke will premiere some time in 2023 in Japan, with an all-new story. This is part of the 15th anniversary of the franchise. Takahiro Sakurai will reprise his role as the unnamed medicine seller, who is the main character of the show. The team will reveal more information closer to the release date.  [Thanks, ryokutya2089!]

So far, the website for the Mononoke movie features a teaser trailer that is a little over two minutes long. It mostly features scenes from the show, looking back on key moments. The video also includes some announcements for the Mononoke 15th anniversary. A stage play is in the works, and 15 artists will release commemorative art. Twin Engine also announced that it would open up crowdfunding for the 15th anniversary commemorative project. More information will come out in regards to these announcements soon.

Mononoke is an episodic series about a medicine seller who wanders about. On his journeys, he meets and destroys mononoke. Mononoke are essentially Japanese spirits and demons, such as a zashiki-warashi or bakeneko. In terms of genre, Mononoke is a mix of psychological horror and mystery. As mentioned earlier, Takahiro Sakurai voices the main character. His previous roles include Suzaku from Code Geass and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. Kenji Nakamura (Tsuritama) directed the show.

The Mononoke movie will debut in theaters in Japan sometime in 2023.

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