Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man Lets You Play Pac-Man When You Pass Go

pac-man-monopoly arcade pac-man

A Pac-Man Monopoly game is on the way, and it will follow along the lines of recent game-related entries and eschew the normal rules. Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man will launch on August 1, 2020, will have a ghost-chasing mechanic, and includes a little Pac-Man arcade game to play whenever you land on or pass Go.

In Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man, your goal is to collect levels and power-ups. This is all in the name of earning points. However, while your Pac-Man is roaming around the board, a ghost will be as well and could catch up to you. Also, if you hold a level, it doesn’t mean it is permanently yours. It could be stolen from you, or you could end up selling it.

The little Pac-Man arcade cabinet is an eye-catching part of this collection. It actually has a black-and-white game inside of it, which you get to play to earn even more points when you land on or pass Go. It also acts as the banking unit that keeps track of how many points each player has earned, with

Here’s a full look at the entire board. The player Pac-Man pieces are differentiated by their four different colored bases.

pac-man-monopoly arcade pac-man 2

Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man is $29.99 and will launch on August 1, 2020.

Jenni Lada
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