Monster Avenue Combines Board Games And CCGs

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Monster Avenue, recently released on Android,  is a mixture of board game and collectible card game, allowing players to create their own custom decks to fight monsters as they move across various realms.


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Decks can be made up of up to 15 cards that draw from over 250 available cards in the game. These cards are also split up across 5 races and types that allow for more specific deck combinations. To fight stronger monsters, players will need to use leveling-up, limit-breaking, or other power-enhancing cards.




After building a deck, players can explore one of the 200 dungeon boards in the game, trying to dodge traps and creatures with each spin of the movement roulette wheel. Players can also challenge raid dungeons with friends, teaming their decks up to face stronger bosses. Players can also create their own raids.




To celebrate its release, Monster Avenue has some special giveaways planned that will be available until February 19. Players can gain extra cards from reaching a certain level, joining the forums, or making their first in-game purchase before that date.

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