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Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV Launches On November 21 For PSVR



    Square Enix announced that the upcoming PlayStation VR spinoff of Final Fantasy XV, Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, will release worldwide on November 21, 2017 on PlayStation 4.


    Here are some of the latest details and screenshots:


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    In Monsters of the Deep we’ll get to visit the beautiful bodies of water in Final Fantasy XV to enjoy some fishing action. The game offers a variety of locations ranging from swamps, beaches, reservoirs, and tropical areas.




    The game’s main characteristic is all in the fishing experience, but you’ll come across things such as a boss monster that jumps on the land and attacks you, as well as other unique prey that don’t exist in real life.





    In addition to making your own avatar, players will get to communicate with various characters from Final Fantasy XV. The avatar creation uses the same character creation system used in Final Fantasy XV Online Expansion Pack: Comrades. This will also show in the photographs that Prompto takes, as well as on avatar icons.




    In Monster of the Deep you’ll get to purchase items such as rods, reels, lures, lines, and other fishing items that can be customized. There are also various tournaments that will allow you to participate and compete against other players around the country to see who can catch the biggest fish.




    Those who pre-order the game will get an original theme that comes with a unique design and music.



    A “Samurai” player avatar costume will also be available as a pre-order bonus on the PlayStation Store for Japan.


    Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV releases on November 21, 2017 for PlayStation VR.

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