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Monster Hunter 4 Brings Back A Bunch Of Diabolical Oldies From Previous Games


The latest issue of Famitsu reports a new map for Monster Hunter 4, known as the Volcanic Cavern. Famitsu also confirms a bunch of familiar monsters, from the giant rocky dragon Gravios to the pesky poison-spitting wyvern, Iodrome.


In addition to these two returning monsters from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, the Elder Dragon known as Teostra, will also be joining the mix in the new scorching map.


Note: the images shown below are from monster models used in previous Monster Hunter titles. We will be updating with more info and their proper Monster Hunter 4 shots as soon as they become available.



The Flame King Teostra is an Elder Dragon who originally appeared in Monster Hunter 2 and has been more recently active in Monster Hunter Frontier. He is the male counterpart of the Empress of Flame, Lunastra. He is known to give Hunters a tough time with his flammable powder that he spreads across the air with his wings, followed by explosions. In addition, Teostra has a flamethrower attack that is said to triple its length when he’s in rage mode.


Gravios and Basarios


The giant rocky dragon Gravios and the juvenile Basarios will be appearing in Monster Hunter 4’s new Volcanic Cavern map, too. Gravios is known for being one of the largest dragon-type monsters. It may not be able to fly as well as the other wyverns due to its heavy weight, but it makes up for it by having extra tough body.


Hunters have always struggled against Gravios due to its ability to emit flaming and sleep-inducing gasses. Oh, it can also shoot powerful fire beams, which is said to be even more destructive in Monster Hunter 4.




Just in case you thought you wouldn’t be seeing this wyvern anymore, the Iodrome and its Ioprey minions will be making a return in Monster Hunter 4, so that means you’ll want to pack some extra antidotes when you visit the Volcanic Cavern.


Monster Hunter 4 is slated for release in Japan on September 14th for Nintendo 3DS.


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