Monster Hunter 4 Players Attempt To Tame The Dark Beast Goa Magara

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During Capcom’s Monster Hunter 4 event “Summer Hunting Tryouts” that took place earlier this month, we’ve seen Hunters take on Great Jaggi and the boulder-throwing Tetsukabura. However, we haven’t seen many live to tell the tale of their fight against Goa Magara, until now.



The video starts out with an Insect Staff-wielding Hunter, who just happens to start right in front of the fearsome beast. Just in case you don’t know exactly how fearsome he is,  you can check out the game’s opening video, where he easily crushes a wild Tigrex.


The first thing that is immediately noticeable in the video are the traces of circular dark areas left behind by Goa Magara. This is most likely the beast’s way of leaving some of its Feral Wyvern Virus for the players.


As the Hunters scramble around to avoid the massive dragon’s attacks, they successfully catch him in a Shock Trap, followed by a good beating from all four players. At the 0:48 mark, the Insect Staff Hunter can be seen absorbing several buffs using his weapon’s special ability.


The Hunter then follows up with its other unique ability of being able to do a jump-attack without needing a ledge to jump off. This demonstrates that Insect Staff Hunters will be a great addition to the party, as they can even climb on the back of larger monsters such as Goa Magara, with ease.


While the party continue hitting the dark beast with everything they got, Goa Magara begins to change color over time. As seen in our earlier report, once it goes from blue to purple, Goa Magara’s perceptive ability increases, and he’ll eventually transform into its Feral Wyvern Mode, which not only increases his parameters but also changes his movements.


The Insect Staff Hunter is shown making several jump-attack attempts, but appears to have a much tougher time landing them; however, even once he does, the Goa Magara doesn’t allow him to carve his back with the Hunting Knife very easily, and performs not one, but two roars in attempt to knock him off.


The video concludes with the Hunter being rewarded for his hard work, with a nice chop of the tail.


Monster Hunter 4 is slated for release on September 14 for Nintendo 3DS.


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