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Monster Hunter 4 Players Take On Tetsukabura, The Boulder Throwing Beast



While we’ve seen plenty of Monster Hunter 4’s new monsters in action, such as the dark terror Goa Magara, and the scorpion-like Genel Sertas, let’s not forget about Tetsukabura, who Famitsu did their best to take on during last week’s “Sumer Hunting Tryouts” event.



The main player of the party uses the new Charge Axe weapon, and seems to have already have a knack for using the form-changing weapon, demonstrating how it can be used for swift combos to acquire charges in order to land heavier Axe-form attacks. We recently got a good look at the weapon played by producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Kaname Fujioka, but this video gives us a closer look at the weapon in full action, rather than a demonstration.


On to Tetsukabura. Tetsukabura is an amphibious monster, characterized by its giant jaws it uses as a shovel to hit Hunters with dirt and boulders. At first glance, it may look big and slow, but Famitsu’s play-through video immediately shows the contrary.


The underground beast appears to always be on the attack, keeping the Hunters on their toes. The player in the video demonstrates a fine jump-attack at the 0:43 mark, which results in a lengthy amount of time for the rest of the party to give it a good beating.


While Tetsukabura is large and intimidating, especially with its ability to pick up and throw boulders with its jaws, veteran Hunters should have no problem finding openings in the middle of the monster’s attacks. One attack that looks like it could be tricky to dodge is its jumping stomp attack that the hunter gets hit by towards the end of the video, which leaves players a little amount of time to react.


Monster Hunter 4 will be slated for release on September 14th for Nintendo 3DS.


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