A few weeks ago, Capcom released a new trailer for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate during a Nintendo Direct presentation that revealed a new feature in the game—the ability for Felyne companions to launch hunters up into the air to attack monsters.


The feature looked great and made for an entertaining GIF, but it wasn’t clear exactly how it worked or whether it was different from regular jumping attacks in the game. Siliconera asked director Kaname Fujioka if he could share any further insight on this front.


“The way the system with the Felynes works is quite different from what we had in [Monster Hunter 3],” Fujioka replied. “When you bring your Felyne companions along with you in 4, they have stats, just like any other character would.”


“And what happens is, when you have other players who bring their own Felynes along, depending on how the stats match up, they’ll end up performing different things to help you out. They can lay traps, they can notify you when enemies are in a weakened state. It depends on what kind of Felynes you have, and how they combine with the other ones during the quest.”


He continued, “One of the new things we added specifically for 4 Ultimate over 4 is that, one of the things these Felynes can do now is launch the player up into the air. And that does behave essentially the same way as a jump attack. Same damage, same animation. It allows you to do it in places you couldn’t normally perform a jumping attack.”


Beyond the new jumping attack, Felynes have other new attacks as well, some of which are highlighted in this report.


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