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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC Brings Back Some Familiar Faces



When Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate releases in Japan, Capcom plan to follow-up with new DLC on a regular basis, including some short stories featuring characters from past games in the series. Famitsu shows us a look at what stories await in “Episode 1”.



The Episode 1 DLC will feature three short stories that will bring back characters from past Monster hunter titles. They also say that some very special rewards await players who beat the quest.


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Nyanjiro, the black Felyne with a red eye-patch, blue cape, and small barrel, was in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd to help transport your items back home during quests. It looks like he’ll have some kind of request, this time around.

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The Guild Sweetheart from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd’s Yukumo Village will also be there, and she seems to have a special reward waiting for you.


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Kayamba who appeared in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is also one of the returning characters. He seems to be telling the Hunter about some sort of event he put up, about an impactful mask.


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We’re not exactly sure what kind of trouble Cha-Cha got himself into, but in this quest, he’ll act as some sort of bait against the stinky Congalala.


We aren’t certain whether this is going to be free DLC like most of Monster Hunter’s downloadable content, or whether it will be paid. The latter is more likely, given that these event quests do seem more meaty than what we’re used to seeing. Capcom said that further information would be announced at a later date.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is slated for release on October 11, 2014 in Japan, and in early 2015 in the West for Nintendo 3DS.

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