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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Drums Up A Taiko: Drum Master Hunting Horn



Now that Monster Hunter 4 tracks will be in Taiko: Drum Master Extra Large Serving, the 3DS hunting title will also get a piece from Taiko with a new collaboration quest. 4Gamer shows us what will be in it.


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The collaboration quest is of G 1-star level, and the request comes from the Taiko mascots Don and Katsu, who’ll need you to take out some monsters. Why would two drum mascots need that from you? I don’t know, but Hunters will do just about anything for sweet rewards.


001 007


The quest reward is the above special Taiko hunting horn, that even comes with its cute little music notes from the Taiko games.



The quest will also include a Guild Card to add to your collection.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s Taiko collaboration is currently available to download in Japan. The game will release in early 2015 in the West for Nintendo 3DS.

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