Worldwide shipments for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate have crossed 3 million units, Capcom announced today. The game was launched in Japan in October 2014, and in North America and Europe this past Friday.


As of December 31st, 2014, Capcom had shipped 2.7 million units of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in Japan alone, so one can infer that shipments for the game’s Western launch are below 300,000 units. Given past trends, somewhere in the range of 250k for the game’s initial launch in the West wouldn’t be bad at all.


That said, Capcom have stated in the past that they hope to ship 3.9 million units of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate worldwide by March 31st, 2015. Given that we’re still 900,000 units away from that happening, Capcom might miss their target slightly, depending on how worldwide sales hold up over the next few weeks.


Capcom also pointed out that total shipments of the Monster Hunter series are at 32 million units worldwide.


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