Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will have a whole lot of monsters along with new equipment for players to wear. In addition, the game’s Felynes are also seeing some new cooperative features, and the official website gives us a look at some of these.



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This strange-looking Felyne horn sounds like it’ll be pretty handy, as it can raise the Hunters’ maximum health and stamina.


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To top it off, it also plays a tune that has an effect that gradually restores health for Hunters.



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The Felyne Acorn Rocket is said to have enough power to knock over monsters.


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You know that you’ve got yourself a solid duo of Felynes when you see them using everything they’ve got to crash themselves into a monster!



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This baby is made to imitate the Flame King Dragon Teostra’s blazing powers.


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Not even the toughest monsters out there can withstand its scorching flame attacks.


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As previously reported, the new story in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s High-Rank quests [in single player] will have a new story that takes place in Dondruma Town, the online are featured in Monster Hunter 2.


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Since you’ll be traveling around with your caravan troupe, it’ll also have a special area for it where you can also do some fishing, as well.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will release in Japan on October 11, 2014, and in the West in early 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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