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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s Latest Collaboration Is With The Seven Deadly Sins



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With The Seven Deadly Sins’ anime recently airing and the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate right around the corner in Japan, it makes sense that the two would collaborate for a new weapon in the upcoming game. Zaregoto tells us a little more on what it’ll include.


The collaboration in question will feature a new Sword and Shield weapon which will be based off The Seven Deadly Sins protagonist Meliodas’ weapon, the broken sword, or Dragon Handle.


Hunters will get to participate in a collaboration quest where they can collect materials to create Meliodas’ weapon.



Some of you fans may already know that the broken sword (pictured) is actually pretty useless on its own, since Meliodas uses it as part of his Full Counter ability, so it’ll be interesting to see how they incorporate it into Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.


As far as other recent collaborations go, there will also be one from the Magi anime and manga, featuring a staff and sword.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will release in Japan this Saturday, and a western release sometime in early 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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