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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s Latest DLC Brings Back Several Guild Sweethearts



    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s previous DLCs brought familiar Felynes, and another with Kayamba and Cha-Cha. 4Gamer shows off a bit of the fifth episode quest, which brings several Guild Sweethearts back with requests to take out monsters.



    This time, you’ll get a request from the Guild Sweethearts of Monster Hunter 2 Dos’s Jumbo Village, Port Tanzia from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’s online city, and Minegarde Town from the original Monster Hunter on PlayStation 2.


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    The Jumbo Village Guild Sweetheart requests for a certain pearl that’s larger than her “certain something” which she doesn’t specify. She says that you can find it inside a certain crustacean, which looks like you’ll have to get it from fighting three variants of Daimyou Hermitaurs.


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    The next one is from the Tanzia Port’s Sweetheart, and she’s looking for some Wyvern Sobs that are larger than her “certain something”. In order to get it, you’ll need to take on a quest that involves the explosive punches from the Brachydios, and two of them, too.


    While the third request didn’t get any screenshots, it’s from the Minegarde Town Sweetheart, and she’ll need you to beat up a rare species of a Rathian; however, you probably don’t need to see any screens to imagine what that will be like!


    The episode quest is live in Japan, and will require you to at least be of 1-star G-rank. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will release sometime in early 2015 in the West for Nintendo 3DS.

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