Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s New DLC Quest Pits You Against An Elder Dragon

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A lot of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s DLC episode quests bring back characters from past titles, and the latest one in episode 6 has the village chief from Monster Hunter 2 Dos’ Jumbo Village. 4Gamer gives us a glimpse of what’s in store.



Apparently, the Jumbo Village Chief is no longer a chief, as he explains that he’s now a former village chief, and is currently an adventurer. Something recently caught his attention, and he’ll need help from a Hunter.


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A bunch of Remobras have been going wild, and they’ve been getting in the way of the former chief’s investigation. You’ll need to defeat them to help him out. In case you forgot how annoying they could be, this quest will likely remind you.



Okay, maybe the Remobras aren’t much of a challenge, but the following part of the episode quest sounds like it will be, as you’ll need to take on an Elder Dragon that suddenly appeared in Dondruma, and only you can stop it.


While they don’t specify which Elder Dragon, you’ll need to be of G 1-star rank to take on the episode quest. We’re not exactly sure why or how the Elder Dragon got involved in the mess with Monster Hunter 2 Dos’ village chief, but let’s help him out for old times’ sake!


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will release sometime in early 2015 in the West for Nintendo 3DS.

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