From Bow To Twin Swords, Here Are Monster Hunter 4’s Twelve Weapons

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Earlier today, we put up screenshots of Monster Hunter 4’s new hunting insect weapon, dubbed the “Souchuukon,” which lets you send insects out to drain energy from enemies and provide you with buffs. Of course, in addition to this new weapon class, previous weapons from the series are in Monster Hunter 4 as well. Here’s a look at all the weapons revealed so far:

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A weapon from ancient times that has the power to control insects. These "hunting insects" suck up extract from monsters and strengthen the user. This is a light weapon so it allows players to be very mobile.


Great Sword

A gigantic sword that’s like the tusk from a monster killed by a hunter. It’s a slow weapon, but when the blade slices a monster it will certainly kill it. The Great Sword can also be used to guard, which makes this an all rounder weapon.


Long Sword

In contrast to the Great Sword, this weapon is designed for fast and consecutive strikes. "Spirit" is accumulated after each strike which allows players to use a a spirit slash.


Sword and Shield


A versatile weapon that lets players do a whirlwind slash. This weapon’s strengths are fast and constant attacks with few breaks in between. While you’re unsheathing the sword you can also use items.


Twin Swords

Clad in demon garments, Dual Sword users wield two small swords in both hands that can rapidly strike enemies. There is a demon transformation mode that you can use to further power up your character.




Hammers deliver earth shattering blows that shake the soul. This weapon has the greatest offensive power out of all weapons. Hit a monster on its head and you can make it dizzy.


Hunting Horn

Be the maestro on the battlefield with the Hunting Horn. This weapon lets you play songs that change status effects. You can play a tune while you’re in the middle of attacking a monster so you can simultaneously be an attack and support character.




Armed with a gigantic shield and long lance, this weapon allows players to guard and counter attacks.




A powerful weapon that adds explosive shells to a solid lance. The Gunlance has a "full burst" attack that unloads all of the bullets in the weapon.





A lightweight and mobile gunner that can hit monsters from afar. Bowgunners have different rounds of ammunition, one type gives you rapid fire.



An agile weapon that lets players target weak points from a variety of differences.


Switch Axe


This weapon is a sword and an axe. Switch to axe mode to do powerful strikes or choose sword mode if you want more speed.


Monster Hunter 4 will be released for the Nintendo 3DS in Spring 2013.

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