Nintendo 3DS

Monster Hunter Diary DX Will Let You Go Fishing And Poogie Racing With Friends



In Monster Hunter Diary DX you’ll get to raise baby monsters and also develop your own Felyne village. You’ll also get to participate in various multiplayer activities with friends. 4Gamer shows us some of the things you can do with other players via local connectivity.



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You can invite friends to your village and go harvesting or fishing. Some villages may have certain items that aren’t available in others, so it’ll be a good idea to try checking out what you can get during your visits.


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You can also spend some time participating in Poogie races.



Or team up with your friends for expedition quests, where you’ll get to take on various monsters.


As previously reported, Felynes registered through your friend pamphlet will show up to your town, where you can see them in the nesting ground where baby monsters are kept. They’ll show up with their own monster babies and you can get items byu interacting with them.


Monster Hunter Diary DX will release in Japan on September 10, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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