Monster Hunter Explore Has Lite Action But Plenty To Discover



In addition to Capcom’s strategy spin-off Monster Hunter title with Mezeporta Reclamation, there’s another smartphone game called Monster Hunter Explore, which focuses on the adventure of a new island. Famitsu shares a little more about the upcoming game.



Monster Hunter Explore mixes up the hunt with a touch of RPG and exploration, which takes place on the Markja Island, where you’ll discover the ancient history of monsters and find all kinds of hidden loot.


Since it’s a smartphone Monster Hunter game, Capcom simplified the controls so that you can play with ease without having to worry about the technical aspects of the game. It’s pretty much a “Monster Hunter Lite” that focuses more on exploring, rather than the action.


Players can attack with a simple tap of the screen and also do charge attacks by holding down the tap longer. It wouldn’t be a proper Monster Hunter game without rolling, though, and this can be done by flicking the screen.


Walking requires you to swipe the screen, but a neat little feature in the game is that weapons that can guard can do so by pressing the “Guard” button near the weapon icon on the bottom of the screen. So far, it looks like only the Great Sword, along with Sword and Shield can pull this action off, as they were the two available weapons in the demo.


Monster Hunter Explore will launch sometime in 2015 for Android and iOS devices.

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