Nintendo 3DS

Monster Hunter Finally Gets A Costume System That Lets You Keep Appearances From Other Sets



Capcom shared new info on Monster Hunter XX during their latest Capcom TV broadcast, and they revealed that the game will finally get a feature that fans have wanted for a long, long time.


The new system is basically what you have in most MMORPG titles, where you get to choose a base set for its stats and abilities while keeping the looks of another set. Those of you who play Final Fantasy XIV can think of it as the exact same thing as the MMORPG title’s Glamour system. Keep in mind that it becomes available only after hitting G-rank.



Additionally, Monster Hunter XX adds a Laboratory Expansion system that will help item management with item box expansions and additional item set options. The expansion contents will unlock as you advance through the game’s story.


Monster Hunter XX releases in Japan on March 18, 2017 for Nintendo 3DS.

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