Capcom recently announced that Monster Hunter Frontier G is headed to PlayStation Vita this August. There are still a couple more months to wait, but we have a look at Hunters gathering to play the game and some Tonfa weapon action from one of the players.


In this quest, the four Hunters are taking on Forokururu, a Bird Wyvern who was introduced in the Monster Hunter Frontier G Genuine update, along with the Tonfa weapons, which you can see in the upper-left player’s screen.


Around 1:35, you can get a look at the Tonfa weapon. The player looks like he gets air-time while pulling off a flurry of punches. The player takes center stage at 2:08… but he mainly just runs around while getting blown up.


After a messy start, the group of Hunters seem to start getting their act together, as they successfully give Forokururu a beating while knocking it down. The Bird Wyvern is also shown doing  fire-based attacks, which look like it could be a pain for any Hunter to handle.


To make matters worse, not only can it do fire attacks, but the Forokururu is known for being able to change its appearance and attack attributes, so that explains how it was able to suddenly put a few of them to sleep.


The group of four eventually beat it down, as the Forokururu makes its last attempt to get away with an area change, but quickly pinned down with a final blow.


Monster Hunter Frontier G will be released on August 13, 2014 for the PlayStation Vita in Japan.

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