Monster Hunter Frontier G3 Update Adds Two Frightening New Beasts

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Proving they aren’t letting the game simply simmer off with its upcoming Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Vita releases, Capcom are updating Monster Hunter Frontier G to version G3 on October 16. The update will add a bunch of new gear to craft and monsters to slay. First up is a monster named Baruragaru.


The flagship monster to hunt in the G3 update will be a new, predatory monster called Baruragaru. The lizard-like, Leviathan-class monster slithers through the swamp and strikes down foes with its powerful forelegs, dazing them. Once downed, it uses its elongated tongue to slash into its victims, sucking them dry of their blood. Hunting season opens for this lizard October 16th.




There will also be another flying wyvern to hunt down in Zerureusu. The beast makes its lair in the Tower region and hunting season will commence in two phases—Strong varieties on 20th November, and G-Class versions on the 27th of November.





Finally, above are two shots of Zerureusu’s new armor that can be crafted for the Blademaster and Gunner types in Monster Hunter Frontier G3.


Monster Hunter Frontier G is out now on PC and XBox 360, with a Wii U and PlayStation 3 release later this year and a Vita version out in 2014.

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