Monster Hunter Frontier GG’s New Tonfa Weapon Sure Looks Stylish

This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

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One of the more pertinent updates to Monster Hunter Frontier G when it makes the transition to Monster Hunter GG is the introduction of an all-new weapon called the Senryuu Kon.


While it looks like a tonfa at first glance, the cool factor shoots up when the weapon begins to actively switch lengths and forms while players are utilizing it in a fight. When in action, its changing lengths seem to add extra strength to your strikes when punching foes, while still keeping nimble movement possible. It’s also capable of both attack and defense due to its size.


There also appears to be a move that lets players vault into a jump attack by using the Senryuu Kon to smash into the ground for extra height. It does make you look like an incredibly badass kung fu master, which is certainly a plus in our book.


Monster Hunter G Genuine’s update is planned for the 23rd of April. Earlier this month Capcom told Siliconera there are “no announcements” made for a release of the game in the West, despite an internal interview which suggested the game might be coming outside Japan.

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