imageMonster Hunter Frontier Online just came out on Xbox 360 and Capcom already has an expansion pack for it. Monster Hunter Frontier Online Season 9.0 is slated for September 29.


Fans can pick up a Premium Pack, which comes with a ton of character items like an Electrosol (great sword that looks like an umbrella), Venomsol, naga whistle, hydra whistle, slug launcher, clothes for gunners/swordspeople, and handy item sets.

The most useful item may be the Xbox Live Gold membership in the box. Mosnter Hunter Frontier Online Season 9.0 includes 3x three month Xbox Live Gold cards and a thirty day Hunter Life coupon.


One Monster Hunter Frontier Online Season 9.0 premium package costs 6,090 yen ($70). Each three month Xbox Live card costs 2,079 yen ($24). One year of Xbox Live is 5,229 yen ($60) in Japan.

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